Friday, July 13, 2012

Thunder In The Mountains

7/13/12 - 7/15/12 : Thunder In The Mountains @ Denver, CO

I had ran into the event producers, Brian and Rich at IML while I was speed shopping, and they had generously offered to let me attend. As this was an event I had wanted to get to while I lived in Texas, I jumped at the chance. It was an opportunity for me to do boots, and maybe play too.

I got in on Friday, and of course immediately I ran into some kinky people on the shuttle ride to the event - one of them heavily tattooed and sporting vampire teeth - you had me at hello. We chatted about San Fransisco, tattoos and the event itself, and then went our separate ways.

Raisin Toast!
As an aside here, when I lived in a poly house with C & V, V and I had a fever for raisin bread, but specifically for raisin toast. We bonded over it most mornings, and so we came to call each other Raisinbro. Imagine my delight to find that my Raisinbro was also coming to the event, and we were able to share a room together. It was just like old times (but without the toast).

He was already there, so after a quick room check-in, we walked down the street to a Steakhouse to enjoy our first meal together. It was great to catch up with him, and to have a good meal to start the weekend. It was pretty hot out though, so we ended up calling a shuttle from the hotel to pick us up.

I attended a meet and greet wherein hobnobbing and pea-cocking took place, and then did a quick change for the play party. I had barely got in the door when I was invited to a multi-boy beat down, which I was eager to jump into. My knee had been bothering me, so I stayed supportive close to the outside, but then jumped in when I forgot about it. I think there were at least 8 people involved in beating up 3 boys? It was a lot of fun.

Then I got to play with Boss Bondage, where he tied me up with rope, and then beat the crap out of me. He was careful to make my bad knee less attractive to play with and keep it out of the way, but totally made up for it on my other side. Note to self - if I'm bootblacking anytime after, make sure to negotiate out my hands. I may need them the next day. I got some painful carpet burns out of the date, and I cried hard, which was very much needed. I was so drained afterwards that I barely even noticed until the next day that my knee issue was non existant. Hurray!

I had breakfast with my Raisinbro, and then we parted ways for most of the day going to various classes or doing boot shining. Saturday saw me getting a lot of time in at the boot stands. As is typical for a lot of hotel events, they had risers set up draped in black tarp to protect the floors, but this was the first time I had a milk crate as a seat. It left some fun impressions on my bum when I stood up.

I was able to make it to a few classes as well when not doing boots - of note was Chuck Renslows one on SM in the 21st Century, more of a history pathway leading up to today, very fascinating. I now know how the Leather Archives & Museum started. Also went to a class on the Theater of Cruelty by Sir Hugh, and was pretty blown away with how slick his presentation was, and his use of the space in the room. If you can ever get to a class he is presenting, do it.

The evenings play party came very quickly, and I was able to share my love of needle dreamcatchers with Levi and Brad - simultaneously I might add. We couldn't take photos inside the play area, so here is one I made for a family member. Levi and Brad helped each other with their breathing, and I threaded them both separately. After capping the ends, they both ran manically around the dungeon while I calmed down. They chose to take each others needles out later, which left me with a free slot to play in.

Jim had been wanting to play with me after the multi-boy beat down, so we headed to the men only space. I got to play in a vacuum cube and then we got to the beating, but there was less crying this time. Afterwards we flopped into chairs in the lobby, ate cookies, and talked about how great our respective days were.

Again after breakfast I was able to attend more classes and do more boots. I got to go to a class by Sandy 'Mama' Reinhardt, explaining all about her family. I'd heard of her in my travels, and of the family, but it hit home a lot more when hearing her perspective on it and where it all started. There was not a dry eye in the house.

I rushed around to other classes, first one on venipuncturing, and then another class on gay mentoring by Sir Hugh, which was again very worth the time. He talked about how a Daddys first act with a boy was to show him how to cruise. It was an very interactive class, with a lot of discussion of everyone involved. After that I just did boots until the event was shutting down.

I was finally able to get to have dinner with my title Dad, Jim Deuder, and we went back to the steakhouse where I had my first meal of the weekend. It was great to hang out with him and talk, and he passed on the mysterious black book of mystery, passed down the International Bootblack family tree since the dawn of time. It was a highly ritualised affair, which was interesting in a public setting, but eventually after several hours and several hair clippings, we were able to celebrate.

Overall a fantastic event, the classes were really varied, and the play spaces were full of amazing energy.

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