Thursday, June 28, 2012

June 18 - 28

6/22/12 : L.U.R.E @ The Eagle, Portland, OR
This was my official congratulations party put on by Tarsus and the Eagle. I was thanked and talked to by lots of people, and finally started doing some boots too. Welcome back, now do my boots! I did a few pairs, was done for the night and did some celebrating instead.

6/23/12 : Seattle Pride @ Seattle, WA
Sandra had a work engagement for the next week and so was travelling to Seattle anyway - so we were able to road trip up together which was great. Also traffic going to Seattle at 7am in the morning was really light so we were able to get there and check into her hotel pretty quickly. Did I also mention it was literally 2 blocks from where I needed to be for the parade?

It was great catching up with various folks from the Seattle area while we waited to get going, and Wendell who had invited me, also then invited me to ride on the back of his car that was driving in the parade. Given how touchy my knee had been recently, I took him up on the offer, and after the two mile trek, was very glad I did. Afterwards we took a few snaps and then enjoyed the delights of the pride fair. Also - Unicorns!

6/24/12 : Seattle Erotic Arts Festival @ Seattle, WA
I had been asked by Lily to do a bootblacking demonstration for a demo booth they were running at the Arts festival. I would have two time slots to do some boots, and bring some sexy into it. While I waited there were lots of really cool art to look at, some for sale, and some not. They had lots of other tasting type events at the space too, so I was able to watch some violet wand and some rope demonstrations.

In the absence of people waiting around to get their boots done, I used Lily as my victim client and set about on her high shine boots. I was able to successfully figure out how to produce a high shine by humping the boots with my jockstrap. After that I had people asking if they could get their boots done.

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